La duchesse de Bourgogne est morte à Vingt cinq ans

Racing with the sun, the time moved faster despite the additional daylight hours and I struggled to finish the last of my small home projects before the visitor season began. Wrestling with my granny cart to fill the house with supplies so that no time was wasted during their visit was no easy task. The last of the painting … More La duchesse de Bourgogne est morte à Vingt cinq ans

Attrape vingt-deux

When I have had it, and in my mind, I am packing my bags….Paris flirts. The temperature is rising and i look a bit like a viking wearing a T-shirt in a snow storm. My legs are such a horrible blueish shade of white i felt compelled to torture the Parisians by showing them sunlight … More Attrape vingt-deux

Vingt chapitres et je suis à la maison

Despite being warned to avoid specific novels regarding Paris, I forges forward. Its hard since it seems to be the most written about city in the world. i began the binge with the Paris Wife written by Hemingway’s first of several wives. I assume the lacking sustainability of the relationship is why I was told not to read it. I didn’t … More Vingt chapitres et je suis à la maison

dix-huit ans

It’s odd to me that in America you’re consider an adult at 18 but you can’t drink legally. In France, you are raised drinking with family even though the legal age is 18. That magical age always seemed to represent freedom. The time when you leave home, fall in love, and start chasing our dreams. … More dix-huit ans

dix-sept semaines

Seventeen weeks since the school started and a number of students have come and gone in that time. After returning for the holiday break, for the most part the class was new and seemed like that first week back in September. Looking around and wondering what the story was behind the students filling the seats. … More dix-sept semaines

Doux seize

It only cost a couple dollars to fill up my convertible VW and together with girlfriends, we set out for too many reckless adventures in High School. Sweet sixteen and tasting freedom from being chauffeured around and tabs being closely kept was easy in the ultra-conservative Orange County where I grew up. The path was … More Doux seize