Stratford Upon Avon le vingt-troisième avril

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My favorite books store in Paris is Shakespeare and Company. It’s one of the few places I feel like I’m home. All the famous writers from Fitzgerald to Ginsberg came here and it appears in many films. The shelves are lined with words I understand and the staff is English proving a welcome relief to the black clad grimaces i usually face. Shakespeare was born and died on the 23rd of April and I am sure they did something fun to celebrate.

Elections are upon us and there are many demonstrations in town. With the shooting last week, Claude asked me to stick close to home for a couple days. From what I understand the 2 final candidates will be decided today and then the winner will be voted on in 2 weeks. I have no clue what will happen but there election has been similar to the states and there is a lot of fear in regards to who will won. Always plenty do since I am prepping for the upcoming family and friend visits but I did manage a couple fun outings close to home.

One scouting mission break from the house was to discover the best pools of Paris, delighted me in finding one along the Seine called the Joséphine Baker Pool. I promptly went home to pack a bag to ensure my next visit soon. Some of the pools cost up to 300 euros which will obviously not be visited anytime soon.

The weather is improving and we made it out on the tandem a few times. Despite the soreness, it was nice to see the country side and not in a train. As my strength improves there is promises of biking to champagne for a glass as a reward. I’m sure the ride back will not be as rewarding. But I am very motivated for the trip there.

Successfully I went to a medical appointment as required for the government. In a car it would have been a ten minute drive, but with combined metros, i go there a little over an hour and a half later. My lungs obviously, Tuberculosis free, allowed me to get a required stamp for my next OFII appointment. There is always a sense of excitement when they see the American Passport. I guess they don’t see many because they always want to show it to each other.

With luck, I’ll get my identification card this week and will get my Social Security and Passport papers in the mail. With those cards that I should receive in 2 months, I should have the go ahead to work. Of course, if the appointment I have next week sends me in a shorter path, I’ll take the opportunity.

I never thought I would want to go back to work, but I’m having a hard time painting. I don’t have a problem keeping busy, but I want more money to enjoy the things in Paris. I look at the canvases and paint every day and walk away. Obviously buying water for the house and meeting a conversation exchange partner is a better use of time, oui?

Not so much I agree. “I’ll start later,” is always a could hanging over me. In my own defense, little tasks like getting water are incredible efforts. It takes approximately 1 hour. Being a water snob, I have found the brand Rosee de la Reine I prefer and it is only sold at the Bio Stores.

Bio is what the call Organic and with the odd work hours for local business it is not as easy to catch them open, as you would a store in the States. No direct bus, so I walk with my old lady cart about 25 minutes each way.

Cooking has started to take a bigger role for me as well. Claude has had a complete reversal in his palate. In California, he would easily be happy eating some form of bread and cheese, but now that we have moved to basically cheese and baguette capitol of the world, he is desiring real dinners like an American.

With the continued flow of merchandise being delivered by Gloria, I often need to cook things quickly as they are about to expire. Cooking is my current painting. That and the completion of our nest. With help of the cousins, we have the water heater fixed and I no longer have to drain all the units in the rooms to get enough warm water for our showers.

With freshly painted almost every wall(minus nightmare bathroom of course), mirrored wall project close to completion, and a new bookshelf,  bring us closer than ever. I only have a couple small things to tackle before its done. 2 pieces of furniture to eliminate from the Living room to get the aisle set up and create my “studio.”

In preparation of the visits, I have been going on walking tours. I am learning about lots of differ areas. I walk past buildings, monuments, churches, statues and more often not really thinking about the story behind them. There are so many you just have no clue what’s what and why. With this on my mind I decided to start studying French history. Yes, another excuse not to paint.

The vast history and stories will be good to tell to loved ones but I struggle to remember them all, like my struggle with French. I am starting to wonder if I need more ginkgo in my life. Couldn’t hurt.

While I am sad that my loved crew at The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire is together without me, I find new dreams like Puy du Fou. Maybe they will join me in time. And I can seek out Shakespeare and tell him of the adventures in the New World. In the meantime, I’ll get closer to that canvas and share the experience.

2 thoughts on “Stratford Upon Avon le vingt-troisième avril

  1. loving it, as always. Gayle and Jean here yesterday. saw dr. f fri. if you paint and don,t really want to, it won’t be your best work. we should talk — miss you.

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