Vingt chapitres et je suis à la maison


Despite being warned to avoid specific novels regarding Paris, I forges forward. Its hard since it seems to be the most written about city in the world. i began the binge with the Paris Wife written by Hemingway’s first of several wives. I assume the lacking sustainability of the relationship is why I was told not to read it. I didn’t end well, him killing himself was basically the end of the book.

I then leapt into “Z,” the memoir of Zelda Fitzgerald who was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and also survived her Gatsby  writing husband living as a manic depressive. They too had tracked a path in Paris that was life altering and and mixed with highs and lows as any great life should.

So my tale rises and falls with the Paris tides as i began the new chapter of my life in Paris. Leaving school ans the security I has there has been an adventure and I try to hold onto an anchor to keep me steady. I have been very busy and content making a new life outside to comforts of the classroom. Even so  it has offered new challenges.

Claude has been worried that  I would become bored quickly. You would think after this many years together he would know me better. Its like when you have a pet or small child and they are too quiet…you know you better check to see what they have gotten into. I have always felt that only boring people get bored. Besides reading, and watching the occasional news highlights on TV, I am trying eagerly to study and the easiest way is to leave the house.

After my second attempt I was given a library card at Bibliothèque Saint Genevieve which is arguably the most beautiful place I have ever studied and proves to be good motivation to travel into Paris. I convinced Antonia to join me one day and she now is also impressed by the Hogwart like atmosphere that begs for candles and robes.

I have split my efforts between seeing school friends which in French we call camarades and a new network of language exchange partners as suggested Tyler. I have had three rendezvous with partners that have been really delightful although it feels a bit like dating. I worry like a teen by the phone,  did  I looked ok? did I say the right things? will they call me?I enjoy the opportunity it offers to see different  places and work with native speakers.

We have begun entertaining weekly  since the house is coming along and we have has several successful dinners leaving me with horrible headaches the following mornings due too  impromptu Sauternes opened to accompany desert. Absolutely worth it even so I always regret having said something completely wrong and embarrassing.

Last week I learned a new word that sounds exactly like blog which spurred me on to discuss my  weekly efforts. Not knowing this  was coming completely out of left field, they politely smiled at me and nodded the way I have done so many times in the past to others. I’m not sure what is worse, making the mistake or knowing you made it. The humility I feel doesn’t last long after the following glass of wine.

The extra time has allowed me to explore a bit more and I have seen parts of the city that I still am unsure how to get to. I found an occult shop the other day and was so excited I just touched each book and candle I could barely read, leaving with a google pin on my phone and no shop bag to their dismay.

Finally the time was right and I stopped planning outings with classmates and conversation partners. I blocked off my schedule for a marathon of museum visits so kindly provided to me by Opendoor as I left San Francisco. The pass the purchased me was one that you needed to use in consecutive days and since going to the museum can be costly i wasn’t going to waste a bit of the golden ticket.

Four days in a row, all the museums I could get into the opening hours and I was proud to have made a decent dent in the list. Arguably the most art filled city, it took real planning, and I am excited to have become as well versed in it to help my visitors as they begin to arrive.

The Louvre took me two days and i skipped a lot of the Egyptian sections, because its mostly vases and broken sculptures. I did see Venus and Nike, cause im not that extreme but spent most of my time with paintings, sculptures and decorative arts.

I even managed to get an Angelina Hot Chocolate in the museum on a little rest break. The following day I manages Muse d’Orsay and Rodin Museum, both witch completely inspired me and spent the last day at the Pompidou. The modern art museum was a favorite of mine but has bec0me very political and if Azer has=d not joined me i would have been disappointed by the end of my Pass.

I cannot be too harsh in regards to the last visit as it offered the answer to a mystery i have searching out for several months. Im the kind of person that looks up. In a city you can be rewarded for going out of the normal line of vision. Mostly bu the decorative details of old buildings, but here in Parus, there are a number of street Artists, that I have come to love.

I have tried to ask people from here about them, but no one knew anything and then i saw a sticker on the museum library window and inside was a book about Invader. Mystery solved at long last, I am starting to feel more like a local knowing more than native Parisian.

I brought my sketch book to the museums, but i found i was running out of time and decided ill have to work form photos for now. As the weather gets warmer, ill easily be able to sit in front of many beautiful sculptures and sketch more.

In 7 hours and 10 miles of walking, We were able to seethe monument highlights of the city I flet inspired for the next opportunity to show off my Parisian home. Jessie and Company happily followed and at the end I thought maybe I could start a business doing tours. Who knows, maybe that Bin415 experience will pay off. In the mean time I’m looking onto some local walking tours to see the highlights they share and waiting for the next stage in the never ending Visa struggle.

Robyn and Frank will be next to visit, and I hope to have the living room painted by the time they arrive. The bedroom is as complete as it will get without serious negotiations. I have never been so impressed as I was when Claude hung the new light and mounted the Tv to the wall, things i certainly would have paid someone to do and the bed arrived and i hear it calling to me now. I will not touch the kitchen and the bathroom, is beyond my power.

March will mark the 6 month mark of us being here, and with that comes Claude’s first real paid vacation. He has set me loose allowing me to come up with a game plan. Im hunting deals and excited to research options. He is justified in his concern that our whirl wind adventure will land us in a different country each day.  My only real limitation besides budget is no more 3 countries in the course of the week.

I certainly understand the struggles of the books I have read and also see the reason they wrote about it. Paris is a melancholy city, filled with great beauty in the sad grey skies. today the sun came out, and it promises to rain the remainder of the week.Vacation is coming, and this is what we came here for. Let the exploration begin, because Paris is home.

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  1. Allison , we are looking forward to spending time with you and exploring with you! I’m glad you’re focusing on the artistic side, I’m sure you are finding this to be very nurturing to your soul. Enjoy !

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