screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-2-32-07-pmRushing to see friends and tie up loose ends was a challenge…I thought. Then we arrived. I imagined I would wake up and wonder what to do, eat a croissant sit in a cafe. But instead I struggle to reagin the comforts of home. Although we accomplish so much in each day, I still feel like i’m at a club med island resort, the kind where the room is damp and primitive and the world outside is magical and a photo from a brochure. The moment i step out of the metro I believe the American in Paris dream again.

I cannot write more at this time, since I’m working as much as I can between rushing around town with Claude. In the least I knew I needed to get the blog started. Mostly I cant take the time to write the same thing to each friend and family member wondering how the adjustment is going.

plus à venir



10 thoughts on “début

  1. Allison, you are one of the bravest woman I know! I am so exited to go I the adventure with you. Hugs from Cali and keep going forward. You’re awesome!


  2. Allison not only are you brave. You are tenacious and have the gumption to persevere I am so proud of you. Of all you do. I, too, look forward to sharing this adventure with you. I’m proud to call you my sister. I love you.

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  3. I’m so excitedf or you! A year and one month ago I arrived in Paris and spent a glorious week exploring and eating and drinking before heading to Basque country in Spain. I hope you and Claude have the most wonderful adventures!


  4. Allison, I love hearing what you’re doing. I can live vicariously through you in hopes that someday I can visit there. You are amazing, as usual. Hugs to you!

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